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Virtual Learning

The current COVID-19 pandemic has forcibly changed the way society learns.  For individuals with disabilities, this can be particularly devastating. Many of our participants struggle with routine, change, and need specific accommodations for instruction to occur. As the virus has deconstructed societal routines, this has directly impacted our participants lives and caused distress on many levels. Our staff remains up to date with contemporary training regarding COVID-19 regulations, services and virtual modifications to guarantee our participants are not ill-affected by the pandemic. 

At Legacy, our goal is to always remain connected. We pride ourselves on working as a collective, collaborative team to meet millennial concerns and provide uniform services. This includes the implementation of virtual learning to address COVID-19 limitations and restrictions. As a member of Legacy, we can ensure that participants will receive a smart-device as needed. We work closely with Support Coordinators, group-home staff, family members, participants, and other personnel to ensure that comfortable, safe, and effective learning may take place. 

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