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Career Planning Services

Career planning provides assistance in constructing future plans for our participants. The purpose of this service is to obtain, maintain, and advance in their current or future career field. We offer a focused, committed, and engaging program to identify a career direction and develop a plan for achieving competitive, integrated employment. This service is not limited to those who are unemployed. If a participant is employed they can use our career planning services to further or better their career options. We do this by exploring other employment that is more consistent with the person's skills and interests, or advancement opportunities in his or her chosen career.


How can our team help?

Career planning is available to anyone who is unable to identify a desired career path and has expressed an interest to work competitively in the general workforce. We understand that the career planning service is to help our participants increase involvement in the employment market, develop community connections, and progress toward inclusive settings and community employment. The focus of the career planning process is on identifying what the job seeker is trying to achieve rather than a lack of skills or limitations that he/she may have. Upon identification of the desired employment outcome, the career plan we help out participants develop will identify support needs necessary toward reaching that outcome.


We use a person-centered approach to create a plan that is individualized for the participant. The career planning process utilizes the individual’s dreams, outcomes, personal preferences, interests, and needs to help the individual figure out the types of employment he/she wants to pursue. Our service can then develop a detailed plan to assist him/her in reaching their goal.

What sets us apart from other service providers is our staff's high level of expertise and its dedication to making a difference in a person’s life. Not only is our team very knowledgeable and well-versed in the plethora of career choices available,  but our priority is to help our participants meet each of their goals. Our main objective is to help in every way possible, with a person- centered approach always at the forefront.

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