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Access to Goods and Services

We pride ourselves on supporting our participants to adapt to our technological world. Goods like technology, equipment, and instructional tools have played and continue to play an important role in helping all of us reach our goals and complete our daily tasks. At Legacy Empowerment Services, we are on a mission to make sure our participants have the same access to technology as their peers. Some examples include:



Communication devices, wireless vision board keyboard, Angel Sense GPS tracker, CoughDrop, GoTalk DESIGN, Proloquo2Go


Camera security system, ramp, stairlift, shower chair, bed rail, bathroom grab bars, household items

Instructional tools

Textbooks, workbooks, Microsoft Office software, art supplies, musical instruments

Our participants can count on us to:


  • assess and determine what item works best for them.

  • purchase, lease, or obtain needed item(s).

  • designing, fitting, and customizing devices.

  • repairing or replacing devices.

  • manage maintenance or recurring costs; and

  • train participants and their Interdisciplinary Team (IDT).

What if my state agency funding source does not approve my request?


We are happy to support participants with submitting requests to their insurance and researching other funding sources. We will present different program options, but it will ultimately be our participant and their IDT to decide what they would like to do.


In 2020 we were awarded an "Access to Technology" grant from the New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities to purchase computers and tablets for adults with disabilities. Access to technology allowed our participants to connect with loved ones and continue to make towards their academic and vocational goals.

We are passionate about ensuring our participants have access to technology and are currently working on:

  • creating a technology training and loan program in which we will loan out a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

  • applying for additional grant funding; and

  • partnering with organizations and businesses to acquire donations and discounted prices for computers, applications, Internet, and other technology-associated costs.

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