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Interpreter Services

Interpreter services provide individuals with face-to-face assistance that provides support to integrate our participants into the community. These services help individuals connect with community-based activities as well as with employment they may be seeking. Interpreter services can be delivered in a participant's household or within any community setting which will help enhance their opportunity to be involved with society. Our interpreters are proficient in speaking and reading the language necessary to be able to communicate with not only the participant but also with those who are part of their support system. 

The ultimate goal for Legacy Empowerment Services is to help our participants connect with the rest of the community in a way in which they do not feel excluded. For this reason, interpreter services will enhance the lifestyle of your loved one as they begin to explore other opportunities for growth whether it is within their education or in the workforce setting. Individuals who receive these services will see a change in how the rest of the community communicates and interacts with them. They will be able to go out into their daily life and have that extra assistance that will help them easily communicate with those around them.

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