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Meet Monica Maniscalco

Legacy Empowerment Services welcomes Monica Maniscalco as its new Executive Director of Education and Training. In her new role, she will be designing, developing curriculum and content to implement training and educational programs for staff and Legacy participants. She will also be overseeing the Marketing team and be responsible for the implementation of policies and procedures.

Ms. Maniscalco began her informal career when her daughter was diagnosed with a rare chromosome abnormality. She wanted to effectively advocate for her daughter and obtained her Masters in Special Education in 2010. She saw many families struggle to understand the rights of their children and the laws that governed them. She has been a successful advocate for more than 15 years. More importantly, she has taught them to advocate for their own children.

In her effort to raise awareness, she has conducted many trainings at schools, service agencies and ASAH, a not-for-profit organization comprised of private schools and agencies in New Jersey. She has also published several articles and has been interviewed by Telemundo.

Ms. Maniscalco is the co-founder and Commissioner of Saddle Brook Angels, a sports program for children with disabilities. Saddle Brook Angels in a collaborative effort with Saddle Brook High School offers a coach for each participant. The program has grown to include soccer, lacrosse and cheer. She is also the founder and Program Director of God’s Special Children, a religious education program for children with disabilities. The program welcomes children of all ages. In some instances, Ms. Maniscalco has worked privately with a student and their family to teach the fundamentals of Catholicism.

Ms. Maniscalco is also a Mentoring Mom through Bergen County’s Volunteer program. She works with mothers that are in need of a mentor due to family crisis and or trauma.

In 2014 and 2016, Ms. Maniscalco was the recipient of Saddle Brook’s Women in History Month award. In her spare time, she enjoys learning to play the piano and listening to 50’s music. She especially enjoys spending time with her husband, James, and two children, Michael and Samantha.

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