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Prevocational Training Services


Legacy’s prevocational services are for individuals who have been identified or have expressed being ready to be employed within a 2 year time frame from starting prevocational services.


Prevocational training is intended to prepare participants to secure integrated competitive employment in the community. Participants would perform the same level of work and receive compensation that is at/or above minimum wage as compared to individuals without disabilities.   

This service focuses on but is not limited to non-job specific tasks such as:

  • the ability to attend to task, 

  • volunteer work,

  • specific skills training

  • ability to follow directions

  • communication and social skills within the workplace (specifically with co-workers and management),

  • problem solving,

  • safety in the workplace and;

  • general soft skills, such as teamwork and creativity.  


Legacy’s instructors use individualized goals and strategies to assist in reaching our participants’ ISP outcome(s). We will also assist your loved one indentifying specific job interests. Pre vocational service can be provided virtually, in person, one-to-one or in a group of 2 to 8 participants at a time. 

*Prevocational Training is limited to 30 hours per week and transportation is not included in this service.*

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