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The mission of Legacy Empowerment Services is to empower our participants to reach their goals. 


We are a team of seasoned educators, social workers, psychologists, vocational counselors, and other professionals with a proven track record in our fields, successfully working with individuals of all ages. Our team has a thorough understanding of special education, college supports, life skills coaching, adult basic education, and vocational training.

Our team’s expertise ranges from early education to a variety of specialties in the adult services field. Our instructors are reliable, professional, and committed to help. We are here to help our participants reach their goals no matter how big or small. 

We seek to understand the circumstances of each individual, and family that we serve. When creating a service plan we take into account our participants' individuality, culture, language, citizenship, socioeconomic status, skills, level of need, and disability.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Adult Education

Life Skills Coaching


Goods Purchases, including Assistive Technology & Environmental Modifications

Interpreter Services

Virtual Learning

Prevocational Training

Supported Employment

Career Planning

At Legacy Empowerment Services, we believe that individualized instruction is only part of the solution. Assessment and planning play a role in long-term success. We bring a high level of expertise and collaborative thinking, along with our extensive network of resources and technology to help our participants reach their educational and vocational needs.

Regardless of our participant’s needs, we are here to empower them to reach their full potential!

We invite you to contact us at 732-523-0769, chat with us, or submit this form and we will be in touch soon! 


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